Mobile Spy

Spyphone is the title of an application that is gaining more and more owners of a Windows Phone.

This is an app that allows you to turn the phone into a tool of espionage, recording video and taking photos without anyone noticing.

Among the main features of Windows Phone SpyPhone is a simple and intuitive interface, the ability to record video while the screen is locked, support to SkyDrive and Dopbox (on which you can upload videos and pictures made with the app), the ability to take pictures while recording video, the ability to export your movies on media library of your smartphone or delete them directly from the list of videos password protection of settings and album.

Spyphone, compatible with Smartphones Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, can be purchased from the Store. The app is also available in free version (you can find it at this link).
For a few hours you will be able to download the free app SpyPhone Full thanks to an agreement with flashlight XT. It is a title that usually on Windows Phone Store options are available for a fee. Today, however, thanks to an agreement with My App Free, you can download SpyPhone Full free by the end of the day.

What does this application? He reveals flashlight XT team directly:
Mobile Spy
Did you know that there are spies since the times of the ancient Sumerians? Because I'm talking to spies? Because now you can become a spy too. With "SpyPhone Full" you can turn your phone into a tool for espionage. This app allows you to record video and take pictures without anyone noticing! Doesn't that sound fun? You will also perform convenient: by downloading it now saves you 2.49 euros! Download it today, do it yours forever!

Note that this offer is made possible thanks to agreements made by the developer of the game with flashlight XT, an application that as Amazon App Shop for Android, Windows Phone Store offers every day a free application (the best deals will be promptly reported here on this blog). You can download flashlight XT for free at this web address to be updated daily on the apps to choose from.

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Of course the question is real: Uber decided to communicate independently its receive metolodologie feedback from drivers or wanted to prevent any leak? Yesterday, the company that has become a major headache for classic taxis worldwide has posted on his blog how receives feedback from drivers, even in order to improve passenger safety. It is a program being tested, that's currently active only in Texas, which uses technologies already inherent on Smartphones to determine the movements of drivers.

How he does it

In practice the Uber technicians analyze, through gyroscope and accelerometer, the vehicle speed and the times when the driver decelerates and started up again. It's not magic or worthy NSA software but simply the exploitation of GPS sensor that can determine the data on the movements of the car and returns them through the Uber app, as would any TomTom installed on your phone. According to Uber the purpose is twofold: to increase the protection of passengers, maybe if the driver goes too fast, and see if some commentary to the Guide are accurate, such as when a customer says that the taxi was quick to make a path. This is not about not even too much invasion of privacy since, being signed up for the service, users and clients allow access to data like Uber, indicated in the conditions of service delivery.

SEAT Leon Technology to enjoy

In this respect, JE Design offers an extension for the front bumper made of three pieces by 833 euros, by way of lower spoiler, as well as side skirts (322 euros) and a new rear diffuser (572 euros). This last piece is exclusive for the León ST, while the front and skirts can adapt equally to León FR and Cupra's three and five doors.

The ST Leon Cupra chassis can emphasize its sporty character for 191 euros through some springs that reduce its height 20 mm, compatible with series damping. JE Design also offers a suspension full DCC type coilover signed by KW, which lowers its height up to 45 additional mm, at a cost of 2,299 euros - these prices do not include taxes or installation.

If you want to take advantage of the sound of the engine 2.0 TSI, JE Design offers a sport exhaust in stainless steel quad output, which emphasizes its sound in mode 'Cupra' within driving profiles: 2.499 euros it costs. There is also a site for (274 euros each) alloy wheels, without modifying measures of series (19-inch diameter tyres 235/45), black or matte black finish bright.

Finally, we could not miss more power, thanks to a modified electronic management, engine 2.0 TSI reaches the 350 HP with a maximum torque of 440 Nm. With a price of 2,299 euros, includes warranty by two years with engine and transmission problems stemming from its installation.
What is better, the Renault Megane 2016 or Seat Leon? French is the newcomer, with just one weeks on the market, in its fourth generation, the Renault Megane 2016 is planted as a tough opponent with aspirations to the top of the best selling Spanish. For its part, the Seat León 2013, in its third generation, is a fully seated model in the market of the powerful Volkswagen Group.

In this comparison we will put aside the bumper range versions, since the León Seat Cupra is a fact, but Renault Megane RS 2017 has not yet reached and would not be fair to confront a model that does not yet exist, technically. Let's know what are the best tricks of the Megane and the lion.

From the mighty Volkswagen Group we have the Seat Leon 2013, a model that, in its third generation, is already causing havoc in the Spanish market thanks to its high sales volume. It was presented at the Salon of Paris 2012 and features a fresh design that makes it to be very present between the purchase options. I venture to highlight the headlights with LED technology integrated as one of the best components of the lion.

Let's talk about dimensions. Seat Leon has a length, in its variant of five doors, 4.263 mm, a width of 1,816 mm and a height of 1,459 mm, while the wheelbase is 2,636 mm. This allows you to have a trunk of 380 liters which can be extended up to the 1,210 litres if the rear seats fold.

Available in the compact seat mechanics are four gasoline and four diesel engines, as well as an alternative to LPG. We have a 1.2 TSI with 110 HP, a 1.4 TSI with 125 and 150 HP, and a powerful 1.8 TSI with 180 HP to FR. finish in terms of diesel, we can find a 1.6 TDI with 90 and 110 HP and a 2.0 TDI with 150 and 184 HP for the LPG option BRO is a 1.4 TGI GNC 110 HP. These propellers are also linked to a six relations manual transmission or an automatic dual-clutch DSG, while all are front-wheel drive.


The interior is driver-oriented and finishes improved over its predecessor. New Seat Leon multimedia systems are another of their bets. The Basic includes the operating system 'Easy Connect' touchscreen. From here it evolves to 'Average System Touch', 'Average System Colour' and 'Average System Plus' systems. Prices start at EUR 18.980 without discounts or promotions and reach the 28.720 euros in the FR TDI 184 HP Variant.

And from France comes the Renault Megane 2016, the fourth generation of the popular compact of the signing of the diamond which was presented at the last show of Frankfurt 2015. It carries just a few weeks on the market, but already it is postulated as one of the opponents harder to beat. Despite this, still not have been submitted other variants of body or potent Mégane RS 2017, even though we know that there will be three doors or Cabrio version.

In size, we can see that the new Renault Mégane is slightly longer than the lion, specifically recorded 4.359 length mm, width is 1.814 mm and height is lower, with 1.447 mm. For its part, the wheelbase is 2,669 mm, given the dimensions of his body. In terms of capabilities, it has a capacity of 384 litres which is expandable to 1,247 litres when the rear seats fold.

In the section on engines, new Megane 2016 options are slightly limited compared to the lion, although this is justifiable given the age of this generation. It features three petrol and three diesel engines while next year will be a diesel hybrid variant which data we don't know at the moment. We find Motors TCe 100, 130 to 205 HP GT finishing, and turbo diesel dCi 90, 110 and 130 HP. The advanced system FourControl, a steering rear axle, with the GT variant will only be available and for the moment.

And in terms of technology, the Renault Megane 2016 launches a large display of 8.7 inches in the center console, the Multusense system that allows to control the Steering response and the accelerator pedal, among other functions, as well as four driving modes. Prices are another advantage for the Megane, since they depart from 16,600 euros and will not exceed the 26.900 EUR 205 HP GT Variant.

Time to draw conclusions and, at this point, that I decide that victory in this face-to-face Renault Megane 2016 takes her. Not by their property

Audi market

Another year more Audi leads the AUDI market in vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive, having registered a 32 per cent of comprehensive transmission models rather than follower mark immediately during the year 2015. In a market where the penetration of the AWD fails to 7 percent, the enrollment of Audi quattro wheel drive vehicles assume 22.9 percent of the total sales of the brand. The Audi Q5, Audi Q3 and Audi A4 are the models that add up to higher number of sales with wheel drive quattro, accumulating more than two-thirds of the sales of Audi models with all-wheel-drive.

Under the name quattro, Audi offers up to four technical different variants of traction at all four wheels, depending on the type of vehicle, engine and your needs. From the small Audi A1 to the luxurious Audi A8, Q models, the Audi TT and Audi R8 sports and high performance S and RS versions. In total, are 111 combinations available to vehicle, body style, engine, and transmission. But if you use different lines, editions and trim levels, the figure rises to 260 versions.

Quattro in the world
In its worldwide sales total Audi sells half of its cars with this 4 x 4 traction, while in Spain they pose a 22.9 in a segment which does not exceed 7%.

In the general progression registered in the Spanish market for 2015, Audi has enrolled 9.866 vehicles with traction to all four wheels, 2.121 more than the previous year, representing a 27 percent advance. The protagonists of these sales have been the Audi Q5, with 3,325 units sold with the Audi A4, the Audi Q3 with 2.403 and integral transmission, A4 allroad quattro, with a joint turnover of 1,010 units. While in the Q5 4 X 4 versions exceed 77 per cent of the total, the Audi Q3 records 40 percent of its sales with this type of transmission.
The first
The pioneer of this process was in 1980 the so-called Audi quattro, a coupé with engine 2.2 turbo 200 horses in which the adaptation of an integral transmission coming from an all-terrain military court, served to show how the distribution of torque between the four wheels dramatically improved grip and safety floorings of low adhesion. And from there to the legendary Audi quattro in the World Rally Championship, with two branded titles and many other pilot obtained between 1982 and 1984.

Later the quattro system would be incorporated even in the prototypes of the strength of the 24 hours of Le Mans, thus obtaining three new absolute triumphs in this famous test using quattro technology, joining the previous ten victories in 2012.

According to Keogh to Car & Driver, autonomous vehicles will be introduced in our lives progressively. Little by little, driving attendees will be more advanced, increasing their autonomy with the passage of time. Without going any further, the new Audi A4 and Audi Q7 are capable of circular themselves in jams thanks to the adaptive cruise control. While it is true, they do so at a maximum speed of 37 km/h, and every 15 seconds need driver to take the wheel, but hey, it's a first step.

Subsequently, autonomous cars could begin to circulate in areas specially designed for this purpose in major urban helmets, before giving the total jump to 100% autonomous driving. In Audi is considered one of the greatest challenges facing this type of vehicle is the interpretation of traffic lights and road signs, especially at the crossroads of four very common intersections in some countries like the United States.

Cars consumation

Registrations for sale less of one year increased by 4.6% in 2015 and than sixteen (846 000) increased by 9%, respectively two and four times more than the average. This polarization draws a market which, over the medium term, does not know the crisis.
By 2015, the relationship between the registrations of new models (1.9 million) and opportunity (5.5 million) was from 1 to 3, a gap that has continued to grow in recent years. If we take into account the fact that, now, half of the purchases of new cars are made by companies, report settled then of 1 to 5 for regard to purchases of individuals.

The need for individual mobility, that allows to satisfy an automobile, is always important, but now it is to be achieved at lower cost. Each year, barely one out of thirty french households bought a new car, to pay, on average, 22 100 euros, compared to 14 000 euros for an opportunity.

This large discrepancy appears as the logical extension of a phenomenon of creeping gentrification of new automobile, which reads, also, through the evolution of the average age of clients (55 years, compared to 42 years for those who have acquired an old model). The Committee of french automakers, it highlights 'an effect crisis, which measures, encourages consumers to focus more on the models '. «Watch the United States: when economic growth returns, the nine market starts immediately on the rise», insists his spokesman, François Roudier.
Search the good plans.
Cars Drive

However, the boom of the opportunity also reflects the emergence of a now more utilitarian report to the car object. "Consumers are developing a very rational approach, with primary emphasis on the price; statutory size of purchase tends to diminish, because a car is more used to express as much as before his personality or social position,"said Guillaume Paoli, co-founder of, a network that sells each year, 30 000 vehicles, half on occasion, and has installed in Montélimar (Drôme), a plant of reconditioning of second-hand cars, sold with a one year warranty.
The growing incidence of registrations carried out by company fleets (where the car tends to be an integral part of the remuneration) and landlords but also some dealers practices designed to artificially inflate their sales have increased the number of recent opportunities.

 Where the appearance of a vast market of "almost new", turn some of those to which, until then, were buying cars out of the factory, but now prefer to invest in vehicles that have undergone a sometimes considerable discount, without having travelled a significant distance in kilometres.
More broadly, the reliability gains, these last ten years by all automotive brands, encourage buyers to seek "good plans". "It sometimes happens that young people, in particular, adopt a strategy that involves throwing their sights on a model that certainly rolled his bump, but that appears more desirable than the small model brand new they could afford to 12,000 euros.

Their act of purchase is not necessarily ultra-rationnel", insists Flavien Neuvy, who runs the Observatory Cetelem of the automobile. It is true that today, at 100,000 kilometres, the mechanics of a modern automobile is far from being at the end, especially if it has not only known urban traffic.
This rise in the market system of the opportunity facing the stagnation of the sales of new cars - which never regained their level at the beginning of the decade - has created a slow but continuous ageing of the french fleet. The frieze, today, nine years, on average. Something logical, when we know that have been registered in 2015, more older vehicles for more than 10 years models freshly out of the showroom of a dealer.