Mobile Spy

Spyphone is the title of an application that is gaining more and more owners of a Windows Phone.

This is an app that allows you to turn the phone into a tool of espionage, recording video and taking photos without anyone noticing.

Among the main features of Windows Phone SpyPhone is a simple and intuitive interface, the ability to record video while the screen is locked, support to SkyDrive and Dopbox (on which you can upload videos and pictures made with the app), the ability to take pictures while recording video, the ability to export your movies on media library of your smartphone or delete them directly from the list of videos password protection of settings and album.

Spyphone, compatible with Smartphones Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, can be purchased from the Store. The app is also available in free version (you can find it at this link).
For a few hours you will be able to download the free app SpyPhone Full thanks to an agreement with flashlight XT. It is a title that usually on Windows Phone Store options are available for a fee. Today, however, thanks to an agreement with My App Free, you can download SpyPhone Full free by the end of the day.

What does this application? He reveals flashlight XT team directly:
Mobile Spy
Did you know that there are spies since the times of the ancient Sumerians? Because I'm talking to spies? Because now you can become a spy too. With "SpyPhone Full" you can turn your phone into a tool for espionage. This app allows you to record video and take pictures without anyone noticing! Doesn't that sound fun? You will also perform convenient: by downloading it now saves you 2.49 euros! Download it today, do it yours forever!

Note that this offer is made possible thanks to agreements made by the developer of the game with flashlight XT, an application that as Amazon App Shop for Android, Windows Phone Store offers every day a free application (the best deals will be promptly reported here on this blog). You can download flashlight XT for free at this web address to be updated daily on the apps to choose from.

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Of course the question is real: Uber decided to communicate independently its receive metolodologie feedback from drivers or wanted to prevent any leak? Yesterday, the company that has become a major headache for classic taxis worldwide has posted on his blog how receives feedback from drivers, even in order to improve passenger safety. It is a program being tested, that's currently active only in Texas, which uses technologies already inherent on Smartphones to determine the movements of drivers.

How he does it

In practice the Uber technicians analyze, through gyroscope and accelerometer, the vehicle speed and the times when the driver decelerates and started up again. It's not magic or worthy NSA software but simply the exploitation of GPS sensor that can determine the data on the movements of the car and returns them through the Uber app, as would any TomTom installed on your phone. According to Uber the purpose is twofold: to increase the protection of passengers, maybe if the driver goes too fast, and see if some commentary to the Guide are accurate, such as when a customer says that the taxi was quick to make a path. This is not about not even too much invasion of privacy since, being signed up for the service, users and clients allow access to data like Uber, indicated in the conditions of service delivery.